DreamHost.com Dedicated Hosting Review

Started by Shawn Gossman, January 09, 2014, 07:28:58 PM

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Shawn Gossman

I have been using DreamHost.com for my domain and website hosting solutions for a little over 10 years now. Overall, I love their services and enjoy the features they provide. Their hosting panel (managed customers only) is custom made and easy to use. They have great prices for dedicated plans and for the most part, uptime is generally at 98-99%.
-Managed or Unmanaged Options
-Managed option is free
-Multiple plans for dedicated
-Dedicated servers located in secure DCs within USA locations
-Quick support
-Friendly support team and great customer service
-They credit you for downtime
-Referral programs
-One click install feature and custom easy to use panel
-Inability to create account for pushing domains around
-Every now and then, some downtime spurts are a bit severe (but they credit you!)
-One-clicks feature not updated with new software very much
-When managed, they won't perform tasks for your server (adding Python, etc.) which makes it not very managed at all unless I have the wrong idea of what managed means
-ReCAPTCHA when adding a new domain through the panel (reCAPTCHA is useless)
Overall I recommend DreamHost as I have had more better experience with using them than bad experiences. However, their shared hosting isn't the best and its a bit on the overseller side. But I'd recommend their VPS and dedicated plans any day!


Thank you for the review Shawn, your opinion goes a long. :thumbsup:



This sounds like a great hosting company! I will check it out.


Great review on both pros and cons. The only thing that would concern me is your comment about severe downtime spurts. Just my observation, but credits for downtime don't normally come even close to lost revenue or loss of confidence in your brand. How severe are you talking about? Downtime in hours or days?
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Thanks for review, It will be helpful for beginners who is looking for hosting.

Well described review.
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