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Q: Can I get a refund if for some reason I don't want to keep using the VPS?
A: Yes, you have 7 Days to ask for a refund for monthly plans. If you choose weekly payments there are no refunds. We are sure you will love our VPS though!

Q: The price that I pay now will always keep the same?
A: Yes, without a doubt. The price that you pay now with the discount will always be the same. Unless you upgrade.

Q: How can I connect to my VPS?
A: It's very, very easy. We provide you an IP, username and password. You can use Remote Desktop Connection, any Windows has that or e. There are other solutions for different OS (Mac, Linux) as well.

Q: Where are the servers located?
A: We currently have more than 14 different locations across Europe and North America. You can check all of them when you choose to order a VPS plan.

Q: How long will it take for my VPS to be fully setup?
A: After the payment, you will have your custom VPS setup in less than one hour if you choose Classic VPS. If you choose any Cloud service, SETUP TIME IS INSTANT.

Q: What operating systems can I have?
A: You can choose between 8 different operating systems. Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Cent OS 7, Debian 7, Ubuntu 14 LTS, Ubuntu Server 14 LTS. You can have others too, feel free to contact us. With Cloud you can install your own OS from an ISO file.

Q: Can I have more IPs or a custom hardware setup?
A: Yes, you can have more dedicated IPs and you can customize the RAM, Storage, CPU and more!

Q: Do the VPS come with any SEO tools?
A: You can install ANY TOOL you want as long as it is legal but we don't have any by default.

Q: Can I order a shared hosting plan without a VPS?
A: Of course. We have a separate page ONLY for shared hosting. We have a great offer there, for only $11 you can get unlimited EVERYTHING and 1 dedicated IP. With the coupon code it's even cheaper!

Q: Is your website secure?
A: Yes, we have a very strong security. We have a verified SSL certificate and HTTPS.

Q: What payment methods do you have?
A: We currently accept Paypal and any major Credit Card, with the help of Skrill.

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Quote from: "Allan, post: 2978, member: 1"Nice discount, thank you for sharing.

Thank you for the support!

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The features of the VPS are the following:
– 4 vCores
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