Live chat Software?

Started by Allan, June 12, 2013, 02:49:33 PM

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What live chat software do you use?
I tried livezilla and although good I wanted something more. I went and looked around and found Jivosite which is great.


We use gotlivechat and are very happy with it. We've also used Banckle. Loved the features but too many middle of the day maintenance periods where our chat just wouldn't work with no prior notice.
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Never heard of gotlivechat but looks really nice and easy to use.


Live2Support is highly recommended for websites.
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  • Real time traffic Monitoring
  • Get Visitors Geo Location
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Customized visitor Chat window and Chat Icon
  • Complete Visitor Statistics Log
  • File Transfer during chat
  • Call Back & Call Back History
  • Canned Message for Faster Reply
  • Saved chat history to track previous conversations
  • Web Based Interface
  • Post Chat Survey
  • Multiple language support
  • iPhone and Android mobile interface
  • CRM, CMS and E-commerce Integration
  • Hits Log
  • Lowest price
  • Multi platform support
  • Built-in admin interface
  • Chat transfer facility between agents
  • Online / offline status message
  • Typing indicator
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The features look great, will check it out.


Recently, I was in search on live chat software and i found a press release on WG Live chat software. Its good decision by myself. I found this press release over internet (http://www.prlog.org/12158175-wg-live-chat-software-to-increase-website-conversion.html) and visited www.wglivechatsoftware.com .


Very nice looking software, will have to check it out. I hope you and [USER=6]Alissa[/USER] add them to the directory.


How about everyone else, I use Jivo and I have to say it's great.

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