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Started by Allan, October 03, 2015, 06:57:57 PM

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I want to thank you [USER=156]@Chris Grigg[/USER] for making this contest possible by donating a reseller package to the winner from his outstanding company Ushost247.

I would like to now thank everyone that entered and participated in making this a great contest.

The winner is [USER=162]@itsmegogo[/USER] , Congrats on winning.
Please take a moment and send Chris a PM on what he needs you to do to retain your prize.

Thank you to everyone and see you on the next one.


Congrats [USER=162]@itsmegogo[/USER]  :)

Chris Grigg

Congratulations on the winner.

The winner will need to sign up for the Reseller Small plan and go all the way to the payment gateway where it asks you to pay. Once then, you may then go back to our homepage and submit a support ticket to "billing" saying "ATTN: Chris Grigg HostHunters Prize" and we will get your account processed for you!


Thank you all. Sorry for being late to this. I will do as Chris has said.

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