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Started by Allan, September 06, 2015, 06:24:37 PM

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Once again we have teamed up with another great hosting provider to bring you a great contest. Host Hunters is proud to announce that ushost247 donated a reseller hosting plan free to the lucky winner for one year. You get 10 GB of disk space with unlimited bandwidth, and domains. This is the contest you want to enter and win and start your journey on being a web host and plunge into the world of possibly making money. I would like to thank Chris  for donating this package from his company ushost247.

This isn't a posting contest but in order to enter you will need a minimum of 5 posts anywhere on the forum. The winner will be chosen at random again, this will allow the contest to be fair to everyone.

Rules and How to enter -

The best part about this contest is the rules are minimal to follow.
  • Must be a registered member.
  • You also need to reply with your name in these thread. (yes it can count as a post)
  • WHMCS and dedicated IP are not included.
  • If you are the winner you must adhere to all the TOS set forth by UShost247.
That is it, nothing that is too difficult and simple enough that everyone can enter.

The contest will end September 30th, 2015.
Once a winner is awarded i will contact you with the details on how to get your reseller package going on ushost247.


Thanks for the contest. I am in :)

- meetdilip


Count me in. **Crossed Fingers**

- Gogo


Thank you both for entering. Best of luck to you.

Jordan Smith

Great contest, please don't include me just wanted to say great contest and good luck to you all!
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Quote from: "Jordan Smith, post: 2139, member: 108"Great contest, please don't include me just wanted to say great contest and good luck to you all!

Thank you and I won't include you unless you change your mind :P

Chris Grigg

Good Luck to everyone who enters.


Only one week left to enter, make sure you  don't forget.


Thank you to all that entered winner Will bee announced later on today.

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