Started by rn-bryan, December 02, 2014, 01:52:31 AM

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I looked around the site for a moment and couldn't find any precreated banners that I could use to link to with.

I was looking for a 120x120 specifically but I'd suggest if you could maybe a small spattering of the typical banner sizes for others to use.

It'd maybe be a great way maybe to encourage some users to link to somewhere on their site.

Maybe you could offer an revive server login (or otherwise ad management system) if it gets popular so you and your users (and me) could track the clicks, and perhaps exchange banners in the system for points... or etc.. earn you some cash.. eventually... we all know that other huge web hosting related forum is doing something like adsense/adwords also.

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Sorry it took me a while to reply, If you like I can make some.

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