Elderly 'under siege' from fake HMRC and police scammers.

Started by spidy, December 31, 2018, 06:19:22 PM

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Elderly people are "under siege" from sophisticated and persistent scammers, a charity claims.
These include mail order, online and phone frauds, with some claiming to be HMRC or the police and threatening arrest, Age Cymru said.
It estimates up to 150,000 older people across Wales are conned each year, for an average of £1,200 each.
Margaret Smeed, 84, was bombarded with calls from companies after ordering Christmas gifts through a catalogue.
South Wales Police, which is working with the charity to help identify and support elderly victims of fraud, said the scams were getting increasingly sophisticated.
Insp Cheryl Griffiths said the force had seen an increase in the number of scammers claiming to be from the HMRC, saying the victim has not paid their tax bill.
"They'll tell them if the bill isn't paid then a warrant will be issued for their arrest," she said.

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We have the same problem here in the states with people taking advantage of the elderly.


Yes it is one of the low things that scammers do.  It is sad to see a pensioner lose all their money to these low life parasites. We are working to stop them.

Fortunately the numbers of scammers being arrested is increasing.

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