Reseller or VPS

Started by Allan, June 13, 2013, 05:48:46 PM

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Which do you prefer out of these 2 choices?
I like the freedom a vps has to offer, but I also like like some of the free perks you get with a reseller.


Yeah, I prefer to go with a VPS.


Vps does give you more control, but if you are just starting out a reseller account might be better for some.


I think this depends on what it is you are hosting, and what your budget it, otherwise we'd all have dedicated servers.

If you need specific features considered too dangerous for shared hosting, a VPS is a must.

If your site gets too many visitors a day and is not written efficiently enough to cope within the resource limits of shared hosting again a VPS is necessary.

If your site would work fine on shared hosting as you have no specific need, and you don't want the hassle of maintaining and patching a server, the hosting software & control panel, then shared hosting is for you.

Alot depends on whether you have hundreds of sites or a handful.

Also it depends on you experience, if you purchase a VPS and it goes wrong, do you have the experience to sort it out? If not shared hosting starts to look good.

If your chosen host runs "Better Linux" or "Cloud Linux" then your user runs is an "LVE Container" Lightweight Virtual Environment, so you have guaranteed resources, just like a VPS, but the environment is maintained by the host.
Best of both worlds perhaps? If all the software you need is available then maybe!

I personally use our shared hosting for smaller sites, and Cloud VPSs for security related sites, like my billing system and helpdesk, so they are always available and PCI compliant.
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I agree that shared is great from smaller hosting sites, but at some point once they start growing they will need to upgrade to a  VPS or even dedicated.

john miller

Reseller and VPS hosting are two different hosting environments. Reseller allows you to divide the server and earn for the same and VPS is a separate server that gives you multiple facilities such as root access, easy customization, etc. These hosting platforms are used accordingly as per the individual or business demands.

David Smith

First things first, let us understand what Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting is.


A single physical server is split up into different independent virtual servers using a VPS, or virtual private server, kind of hosting. VPS hosting is the ideal transitional option between shared hosting and dedicated servers because of this capability.


Reseller hosting is the best option if you're thinking of starting your own web design/development company or reseller business. You, the reseller (owner), buy a hosting package that provides the bandwidth and hard disc space with reseller hosting.

before making your hosting payment You can let different clients use different portions of your web hosting. As a result, the hosting reseller in reseller hosting serves as a hosting provider to their end users and makes money.

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