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Find out if your data was leaked to Cambridge Analytica.

Discussion in 'Safety and Security' started by spidy, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. spidy

    spidy Global Moderator Staff Member

    Find out if your data was leaked to Cambridge Analytica
    Zuckerberg said Wednesday that he was one of the 87 million Facebook users whose information got harvested by Cambridge Analytica. Facebook is notifying people with a message on top of their newsfeeds, but if you can’t wait for the personalized message, there’s another way to check.

    Visit Facebook’s help center and type in “Cambridge Analytica,” or try this link. Log in and you’ll get a message that will either break the bad news — that based on Facebook’s records, you, or one of your friends, logged in to the thisisyourdigitallife app, and your data might have been shared.

    Or you or none of your friends did, and it doesn’t seem like you’ve been caught up in the leak. Congrats to those people, and their friends!
  2. Allan

    Allan Administrator Staff Member

    Home Page:
    I got a message the other day on top of my Facebook.
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vps germany